Lizy Townshend (eriathwen_bob) wrote in sendmeataste,
Lizy Townshend

The Rules

1) This community cannot be responsible for the exchanges organised through it.

2) In order to avoid your package being confiscated and/or destroyed, please respect and obey the import laws of the country that you are sending food to. These can be found easily online, and may be available in this post.

3) If you have dietary requirements or preferences, please state them when arranging an exchange. Otherwise you cannot expect your exchange partner(s) to know them in packing your parcel!

4) Agree a monetary value before exchanging.

5) Only ever post your address in a friends-locked post.

6) Contact your partner(s) when you send goods, to let them know to expect them.

7) Contact your partner(s) when you receive goods, so they know you've got them.

8) If you experience any problems with the exchange, let me and your partner(s) know.

9) Have fun!
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