Lizy Townshend (eriathwen_bob) wrote in sendmeataste,
Lizy Townshend

Customs and Import laws

Customs and import laws are very strict, so make sure you check them out properly before you send anything - it's your responsibility if you include something you shouldn't and the whole thing gets confiscated/destroyed, so it's up to you to be sensible.

That said, it's possible to send many things through the post without incurring the wrath of governments. Most of the things you often can't send are things you wouldn't send anyway, such as perishable vegetables or meat.

But don't assume you can't send something you would have liked to. Perhaps it is allowed! As I said, you just have to read the laws carefully.

If you're having problems, the staff at your local post office will probably be of great help.

I'm going to be adding to this list of countries periodically. Please help if you can.

What can I send to:
> The United Kingdom?
> The United States? (you will have to submit prior notice, see also here and here)
> Canada?
> Australia?
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