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The gastronomic postal exchange community's Journal
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Tuesday, June 5th, 2007
11:19 am
Heya :)

Another inhabitant of Canada here but this time from "La Belle Provinve". I live in Montreal. I'll be happy to trade anything that you might be interested in as this very international city probably has most things you could possibly want and of course...MAPLE PRODUCTS! (Yum!) Oh and...poutine :D Must not forget the poutine or the smoked meat or the bagels (REAL bagels!)!
11:42 am
tasty foodz!
Hi everyone!

I live in Nova Scotia, Canada. We're a coastal province and therefore we have all kinds of good things from the ocean as well as agricultural goodies.

Things that are local/culturally significant/tasty include: blueberries, maple products, apples, honey, various preserves, various herbs, salmon (especially smoked), and dulse (dried seaweed).

Let me know if any of you would like to try any of these yummy things. :D If you are interested in the blueberries, I will try to get them dried but most likely they will be in preserve form.

Current Mood: curious
Saturday, June 2nd, 2007
9:53 am
San Francisco

I am located in not so sunny San Francisco.

We have... sour dough bread, seafood, cheese (cowgirl creamery is local and makes fantastic cheese - same with rouge et Noir cheesary), rasins and prunes, artichokes (there is a place that makes artichoke bread right next to the artichoke feilds, super yummy!), avocados, of course differeing products based on all the above, and since we have reveived a huge number of different immigrants,we get a lot of good chinese, korean, and mexican things. Oh yes, and of course both Girhardelli and Scharfenberger chocolate is from here!

I would really love more Japanese imports. I think I have at least 1 meal a day from that cuisine.
Also Happy with just about anywhere. I like weird sweets, and regional items. The only thing I do not eat is red meat and I don't think you can send that through the mail anyways.

Let me know if anyone is interested in swaping.
Friday, June 1st, 2007
7:33 pm
Norfolk, UK
I live in the East of England, near the coast, in Norfolk, a county famous for its poultry, seafood, mustard, chocolate, asparagus and herbs. My country is famous for tea and cakes, fried breakfast, strawberries and cream, roast beef, fish and chips.

Fancy any of that?
7:24 pm
Customs and Import laws
Customs and import laws are very strict, so make sure you check them out properly before you send anything - it's your responsibility if you include something you shouldn't and the whole thing gets confiscated/destroyed, so it's up to you to be sensible.

That said, it's possible to send many things through the post without incurring the wrath of governments. Most of the things you often can't send are things you wouldn't send anyway, such as perishable vegetables or meat.

But don't assume you can't send something you would have liked to. Perhaps it is allowed! As I said, you just have to read the laws carefully.

If you're having problems, the staff at your local post office will probably be of great help.

I'm going to be adding to this list of countries periodically. Please help if you can.

What can I send to:
> The United Kingdom?
> The United States? (you will have to submit prior notice, see also here and here)
> Canada?
> Australia?
Monday, June 1st, 2020
6:35 pm
The Rules
1) This community cannot be responsible for the exchanges organised through it.

2) In order to avoid your package being confiscated and/or destroyed, please respect and obey the import laws of the country that you are sending food to. These can be found easily online, and may be available in this post.

3) If you have dietary requirements or preferences, please state them when arranging an exchange. Otherwise you cannot expect your exchange partner(s) to know them in packing your parcel!

4) Agree a monetary value before exchanging.

5) Only ever post your address in a friends-locked post.

6) Contact your partner(s) when you send goods, to let them know to expect them.

7) Contact your partner(s) when you receive goods, so they know you've got them.

8) If you experience any problems with the exchange, let me and your partner(s) know.

9) Have fun!
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