miss_elysium (miss_elysium) wrote in sendmeataste,

San Francisco


I am located in not so sunny San Francisco.

We have... sour dough bread, seafood, cheese (cowgirl creamery is local and makes fantastic cheese - same with rouge et Noir cheesary), rasins and prunes, artichokes (there is a place that makes artichoke bread right next to the artichoke feilds, super yummy!), avocados, of course differeing products based on all the above, and since we have reveived a huge number of different immigrants,we get a lot of good chinese, korean, and mexican things. Oh yes, and of course both Girhardelli and Scharfenberger chocolate is from here!

I would really love more Japanese imports. I think I have at least 1 meal a day from that cuisine.
Also Happy with just about anywhere. I like weird sweets, and regional items. The only thing I do not eat is red meat and I don't think you can send that through the mail anyways.

Let me know if anyone is interested in swaping.
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